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介紹 Introduction

This program aims to help your child to develop their interest in reading and writing English in an enjoyable way by using stories ranging over many universal themes. Children will develop a range of vocabularies and learn to use different sentence structures through different activities, such as story retelling, sight reading, songs and games. This will help them to gain all rounded skills in speaking, reading, writing and listening. 


This program is split into 8 levels, 16 sessions per stage, 1.5 hours per session. This program aims to help the students to build vocabularies with over 7000 words in total. It will also strengthen the students’ speaking and reading abilities through games and group activities that are integrated with the stories.


Beginners Stage consist of 3 levels which helps the student to build up their vocabularies and basic sentence structures. The students will be introduced o 15 different stories each level and will read aloud with the teacher to help them build their confidence in sight reading and speaking. The students will complete tasks and activities prepared by the teacher to reinforce their learning and understanding of the topic.

Beginners Stage

Level 1-3

內容​ Content

1.5hrs per session, 16 sessions per level (24 hours)

Intermediate Stage

Level 4-6

In this stage, we further develop and strengthen students vocabularies through stories with some repeated themes and vocabulary. The students will be given more opportunities to read aloud independently and to use the sentence structures that are introduced in the books. Teachers will challenge the students to develop their answers in longer sentence writing task. Students should be able to speak and read independently, and write simple sentences.

Advance Stage
Level 7-8

Advance stage consists of 2 levels. The students will read aloud on their own to improve their pronunciation and increase the confidence to read in front of a group. There will be comprehension exercises to test the students on their understanding and how to relate it different situations. There will be more focus on harvesting the students’ creativity and assisting them to express their idea in their own words through various activities. By the end of this stage, students should be able to express their own ideas on paper and verbally with confidence.

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