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English Grammar & Writing Workshop




介紹 Introduction

The aim of this workshop is to instill confidence in the students’ ability to write with proper grammar. To achieve this, we will give them basic grammar exercises and theme-writing assignments based on topics that the students can relate to. Students will be split into different classes according to their language level.

內容​ Content

1.5hrs per session, 12 sessions per cycle (18 hours)


Our teacher will introduce a new grammar point at the beginning of the lesson. Students will learn and understand the usage of the new grammar point through examples in different passages, followed by worksheets on the grammar point taught to consolidate what they have learnt. Teachers will point out and correct the common mistakes that students make, and introduce ways to avoid them.


To enhance their writing skills, teachers and students will discuss vocabulary related to the writing theme along with relevant games and activities. Speedwriting will be introduced to young writers at the beginning. By doing this, students can use their imagination to write without worrying about grammar and spelling. We ask students to write longer passages as they become more comfortable with writing on their own. This will further enhance the students’ grammar knowledge as well.

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