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Little Tree Playgroup



對象:2.5 yrs old ~ 4.5 yrs old

介紹 Introduction

This program further enriches the training in Happy Seeds Program. It is designed to allow children to get used to kindergarten life, therefore they are recommended to join the class on their own. They learn to socialize, participate in group learning activities, explore their imagination, utilize and develop their creativity. Activities include games and exercises, dance with music, flash cards, arts and crafts and story-telling.

內容​ Content

1 hr per session, 12 sessions per cycle

  • Figure out how the world works and become a competent problem solver through games that uncover patterns and sequences.

  • Stretch the imagination through creative activities to support symbolic thinking, language development and social interaction.

  • Play both independently and with peers while learning to connect ideas through cooperation and communication.

  • Encourage curiosity and build self-confidence in your preschooler through art, storytelling, play and more.

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